2016.5.28 第2回安房ギャザリング – Second Awa Gathering


(English at the bottom)



会場:里山デザインファクトリー 千葉県鴨川市金束375-1

日程:5月28日 土曜日



ゲスト:ヘイミシュ・マーフィー (オーストラリア出身)
ゲスト・プロフィール: 3年前、マーフィー氏は25年間のキャリアに終止符を打ち、人生の再出発を決意しました。そのきっかけは、社会全体が経済的・環境的崩壊に向かっている中、彼のそれまでの人生に矛盾があるということに気づいたからです。その時にマーフィー氏が出会ったのはパーマカルチャーという、人間と自然界が共生できる恒久的持続可能な環境を作り出すためのデザイン体系で、これを活用することで私たちの社会が向かっている暗い未来を回避し、これまでの環境被害も再生可能だという気づきに至りました。それ以降、勉強を重ねた後、世界的パーマカルチャー・デザイナーのディオン・ワークマン氏と共に専門家のチームを組み、二年かけて鴨川市のみんなみの里の近くで「ストーンブリッジ」という名称の「森の庭園」を立ち上げました。マーフィー氏の夢はストーンブリッジを尋ねる人々にとって健康的で倫理的な生き方のモデルになることです。今回のトークはストーンブリッジの紹介、その立ち上げの経緯、森の庭園という概念、そして未来への展望についてお話して頂きます。



21:00 中締め21:00 (ここで全員で片付け)


The Satoyama Design Factory is hosting a regular meetup called the Awa Gathering for people active in the Boso peninsula to get together for networking and exchanging ideas.

The next gathering will be on Saturday, May 28, 2016 from 18:00 with a talk at 18:30.

The venue is the Satoyama Design Factory.

Admission is free, but the party will be potluck, so please bring either a dish or something you’d like to grill on the BBQ, as well as drinks. As a guideline, bring as much as you’d need for you and any guests you bring to eat and drink your fill.

Also, donations for event expenses and for the upkeep of SDF will be accepted.

The format of the meetup is barbecue party and a 20 minute talk by someone active in tech, community development, sustainable agriculture, and many other related fields both inside and outside the area.

This second meetup will feature Hamish Murphy, founder of the Stonebridge permaculture center, as the guest speaker.

Hamish’s profile:
Three years ago Hamish Murphy left his job in Tokyo of 25 years to “reboot” his life. The life he had been leading just didn’t make sense. Society itself appeared to be on an unyielding crash-course with a dark destiny and that much of our ecosystem would suffer a similar dark fate as a result. And then Hamish discovered how mankind could live with nature in a symbiotic way. That not only could we avoid our dark fate, but that we also rehabilitate much of the damage that we have done. The tools, or ethical design system, for doing this is called Permaculture. After much study, Hamish put a team together headed by world class Permaculture designer Dion Workman and almost two years ago started creating an integrated Forest Garden project now called Stonebridge, located in Kamogawa near Minnami-no-Sato. Hamish hopes that Stonebridge will become an inspiration for others to follow their own path toward more healthy, ethical living. Hamish will present on the development of Stonebridge, what is a Forest Garden, and his plans for the future.